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Surface Treatment Processed Works

■ Electro-less Plating
Au, Ag, Sn, Cu, Ni and others
■ Electroplating
Au, Ag, Sn, Cu ,Ni, Pt, Rh and others

※We can undertake beaker experimental testing leading to trial production
quantity in semiconductor installation equipment.

1 Detailed wiring pattern and Detailed independent circuit board plating.
Types of base includes Si Wafer, Glass base and flexible base like Polymide tape.
(Please feel free to check with us for full details.)
2 Bump plating
( We undertake various bump plating work for bases like Si Wafer, Glass and flexible material like Polymide )
3 Plating on ITO treated base
1)Selective plating on ITO membrane glass base.
2)We can also undertake electro-less Ni plating on ITO membrane.
4 Extensive plating like 3D shape small ceramic base.
5 Plating on Powder type materials examples:
coating for metallic substance, oxide materials and resin products.
6 Platinum plating on Ti or SUS materials.
Platinum plating for various Ti products.
7 Shaping and Processed work on Ti material
1)We also undertake etching processed work, welding, resin treatment and color treatment for various Ti products..
8 Processed work for varied metallic and unique products.
1)We offer clients in the Semiconductor industry customize copper phosphorous alloy anode plate. This high purity anode is used in the copper plating process.
9 Electrochemical polishing solvent
1)Developed technology and method for electrochemical polishing solvent. This method of electrolytic polishing removes stain resulting from welding of stainless steel materials.
10 Plating Apparatus 
We offer advice, design and manufacture of various types of plating apparatus. (Depicted is the 4Inch electro-plating apparatus.)